Our services

“Vitamin, mineral, and nutritional supplements should be plant-based, not synthetic, to provide your body with the proper phytonutrients necessary for proper assimilation and utilization by the human body.”

Services at Dr. Scott Elsbree’s office

All of the services at our office are driven by our belief that healthcare should be compassionate, unhurried, informed, comprehensive, personal, and expertly delivered.

Lab Services

  1. New state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment by Roche Laboratory
  2. Convenient professional in-office laboratory services for Medicare recipients
  3. Fast, reliable results
  4. View results on your own, personal patient portal

Hybrid Concierge

In the hybrid concierge model, members are responsible for payment of an annual fee. This annual fee will ensure you retain Dr. Elsbree’s complete medical supervision and comprehensive primary care. Click here to learn more.

Primary Care

Dr. Elsbree provides internal medicine services for adults who are 18 years old or older.  This includes a strong emphasis on preventative medicine, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, and unparalleled patient care.


In addition to medical services, Dr. Elsbree strives to serve as your wellness quarterback by monitoring and managing his patients’:


  1. Nutrition -Ask about the high quality Nutraceutical Line of Vitamins that we carry in our office
  2. Exercise habits
  3. General wellness
  4. Weight loss
  5. Stress Management
  6. Hormone Therapy – Dr. Elsbree is certified in BHRT
    (Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy)


  1. Convenient professional in office ultrasound services for Medicare recipients
  2. Fast, reliable results
  3. View results on your own, personal patient portal

Other Services

  1. Insurance billings handled by our office staff
  2. Scheduling of in-office and follow-up tests
  3. Expert coordination of your medical care, including specialist consultations and hospital visits