{Power} in Words.

Mantras. Words of affirmation. Prayers. Self Talk. 

Call them what you may…Let’s consider these little moments throughout our day when we’re are alone with our thoughts, and the power of our mind is greater than we even realize…

As a professional dancer, it is my goal to speak to the audience with my body – a challenge in and of itself, to express emotions, to convey a story, a thought, a feeling…without words. Where do the words go you wonder? 

They are ever present in my mind. During a performance there is always so much to focus on – choreography, musicality, artistry, technique…all of the things that endless hours of rehearsal have helped ingrain into your muscle memory so that by the time you’re on stage, they become second nature. Needless to say there are moments when I need something extra to get me through…to help me ignore a cramping calf, muscle fatigue, a stomach full of butterflies…This is when my mind steps up to bat. 

I often see words like Strength, Well Able, Thrive dance across my head as I dance across the stage..Visualizing these mantras feeds my soul and provides me that positive stamina when I don’t know where else to find it ~ 

In the 1990’s a Japanese Doctor experimented with the effects of words, prayers, music and environment on the crystalline structure of water. He typed out different words, both positive and negative on containers of water and hired photographers to capture pictures of how the water formed as it was influenced by each respective label. Naturally, the results of the bottles with positive words showed more symmetrical, beautiful, tightly bound structures than those with negative phrases. 

If our words have the power to change the physical bonds of water, what kind of power do they have over our energy input and furthermore, the energy we are putting out into the world? Keep in mind that the average human body is 60% water! 


With what words will you change the world we live in? 

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