Our Practice

Dr. Elsbree and his staff are devoted to providing personalized and patient-specific care, while expertly navigating their healthcare choices in today’s complex healthcare system. This is a technique that Dr. Elsbree has perfected over the extent of his tenured career.



Our mission is to provide expert and compassionate care in a comfortable and restorative setting. We strive to facilitate and educate our patients to enhance the quality of their lives.
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What is a Hybrid Concierge Medical Practice?

Dr. Elsbree provides the option of a hybrid concierge membership model for his practice, which allows a limited number of patients to retain him as their primary care physician, health and lifestyle coach and healthcare advocate. This model permits Dr. Elsbree and his staff to provide members with greatly enhanced services not normally covered by health insurance and/or Medicare.


As a physician I have several responsibilities:

  • To efficiently and accurately diagnose and treat my patients
  • To educate and inform my patients
  • To make my patients feel that their concerns are understood. To help guide my patients towards better health and to instill trust to develop a meaningful working relationship that promotes a better and healthier outcome
  • To integrate naturopathic, chiropractic, oriental and other alternative therapies as well as traditional allopathic methodologies to provide a holistic approach to patient care



Our medical methodology is centered around applying scientific principles in a compassionate and efficient manner.
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How the Hybrid Concierge Model Works

In the hybrid concierge model, members are responsible for the payment of an annual fee. This annual fee will ensure you retain Dr. Elsbree’s complete medical supervision and comprehensive primary care. Also included is the continuation and coordination of your care by Dr. Elsbree in the hospital and inpatient rehabilitation setting.

Benefits of the Hybrid Concierge Model

  • Improved access to Dr. Elsbree with same/next day office appointments
  • Limited wait time in the office
  • Unhurried office visits in our reserved, private exam rooms
  • 24/7 direct telephone access to Dr. Elsbree’s Hybrid phone line
  • A dedicated “concierge hotline” providing quick answers to your questions, immediate attention to your health concerns, and prompt review of your lab tests
  • Expert coordination of your specialists care in both outpatient and inpatient (hospital or rehabilitation facility) settings
  • Management of natural hormone therapies – BHRT
  • Invitations to special lifestyle and health optimization lectures, hosted by Dr. Elsbree

Above all else, the Hybrid Concierge service will give you premier access to Dr. Elsbree as your personal physician and healthcare advocate. Dr. Elsbree is a committed and compassionate board-certified physician with more than 32 years experience serving the Sarasota community.